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Here are some of our services:

Procedure Cost Analysis & Reporting (PCAR)
This is our primary service, a process that provides Healthcare Facilities with accurate procedure cost data as well as a Microsoft Access-based management reporting tool. This service includes two parts:

  • Procedure Cost Analysis: This is the process of developing a database of costs specific to the operations of a given entity. We use a method called Activity Based Costing. This allows us to develop fully allocated costs for each procedure.
  • Procedure Cost Reporting: A database full of information is of little use if it cannot be analyzed and examined in a meaningful form. HCI has developed a Microsoft Access-based reporting tool designed to assist its clients in converting the data obtained in the Procedure Cost Analysis into valuable information. The tool utilizes information from the Healthcare facility's existing patient information system - along with data gained from the Procedure Cost Analysis - to develop reports that can be used in strategic and operational decision making.

Procedure Cost Database Maintenance
Once the Procedure Cost database has been developed, it will need to be updated periodically to capture changes in labor wage rates, supply costs and allocated overheads. In addition, the procedure cost standards may need to be revised and new standards developed to reflect any changes in technology and resources used for specific procedures. The maintenance of the database occurs through a comprehensive annual review and update, designed to incorporate budget and updated information into the procedure cost standards.

Surgical Services Procedure Pricing
This service is designed to more accurately capture the cost and resource consumption of specific surgical procedures performed in the facility (i.e. appendectomy, total hip replacement, etc.) Further information about our Surgical Service Procedure Pricing consulting is available here.

Comparative Reporting
Upon completion of each Procedure Cost Analysis & Report and subsequent maintenance update, HCI will upload data into its comprehensive online cost and utilization database. The facility will be provided with an access code and be given the ability to compare their facility information that of other facilities of similar size and geographic location.