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HCI Can Assist You With:
  • Identifying users and assessing informational needs for procedure cost accounting data
  • Determining if your existing HIS is capable of meeting these needs
  • Developing and maintaining accurate procedure cost standards
  • Developing and supporting the creation of comprehensive Decision Support reports and data downloads to assist in evaluating sources of your margin

As a healthcare provider in a challenged economy, the decision to implement decision support and cost accounting systems is a difficult one to make. Questions abound: Will the system's benefits to the organization justify its expense? Will it provide useful information, now and into the future? Will it integrate with current systems? Who will implement and maintain it?

Healthcare Concepts, Inc. (HCI) has developed a strategy beneficial to most organizations. We'll help identify your cost information needs, evaluate the ability of your current information systems to obtain and report this data or provide the HCI reporting database for your use. This approach maximizes the productivity of your current systems and eliminates the need for added investment in expensive specialized software systems.